Exchange students

All the necessary information for exchange students can be found on the main PU webpage.

Courses for exchange students 2017/2018

Compendium of Educational, Social and Human Sciences – strongly recommended to all exchange students, regardless of their study programme.

Schedule for spring 2018.

Institute of Foreign Languages:

Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education 

Department of Mathematics

Department of Anthropology and Health Education

Institute of Education and Social Studies

Department of Music Education

Department of Psychology and Psychopathology

Department of Social Sciences 

Institute of Special Education Studies:

Department of Czech Language and Literature

Due to the character of the Department and study programmes offered, all exchange students are supposed to be able to follow classes conducted in Czech and to communicate in Czech (or other Slavonic language). Students can find courses in the STAG system.  

All courses taught in a foreign language at the Faculty of Education for the academic year 2017/2018.