The Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc, is a modern university workplace, which focuses on education and research in the field of mathematics, didactics of mathematics, development of mathematical literacy, and preparation of future mathematics teachers. The main activities include co-organization of an international competition Mathematical Kangaroo, participation in research projects, or preparation of study materials.


In the first year of the existence of the Institute of Education (1959 – 1960), teaching of mathematics was provided by the Department of Natural Sciences and Manufacturing. In the academic year of 1960/1961 the Department of Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry was established, which was on 1 September 1962 divided into three separate departments. Since that time, the Department of Mathematics has existed as a separate workplace. The first head of the Department of Mathematics of the Institute of Education in Olomouc was Stanislav Liška (1960 – 1966). In the following years, the department was led by Doc. Jaroslav Veselý (1966 – 1968), Květuše Černochová (1968 – 1970), Doc. RNDr. František Zapletal (1971 – 1987), RNDr. František Matyášek, CSc. (1990 – 1993), Doc. RNDr. Zdeněk Mikulík, CSc. (1993 - 1996), Doc. RNDr. Milan Kopecký, CSc. (1996 - 2002), Doc. PhDr. Bohumil Novák, CSc. (1987 – 1990 and 2002 - 2006), PaedDr. Anna Stopenová (2006 - 2009), and since 2010 by Doc. RNDr. Jitka Laitochová, CSc.