About of Institute

The establishment of the Department dates back to 1959, making it one of the departments with the longest tradition of the then Institute of Education in Olomouc but also in comparison with other higher education institutions throughout the Czech Republic. Since then, the Department has undergone dynamic concept development in terms of professional teacher training, lifelong learning, project activity, international cooperation, material and technical provisions, or scientific and research activity. Gradually, the Department has become an excellent centre for the didactics of technical education and information science (information education). The Department plays a significant role in a European and global context, which is confirmed inter alia by numerous scientific and research papers indexed in significant databases (Web of Science and SCOPUS) and their international acceptance.

The Department responds to current national and international trends not only in the area of technical education, but also in the area of science and research. As far as accredited courses are concerned, the Department constantly improves the quality of both full-time and part-time form of study. In terms of electronic study materials implemented in the sophisticated LMS (Learning Management System), almost all courses are covered.

The Department focuses on teacher training in technical subjects taught in elementary and secondary schools. Another key area is elementary and secondary school teacher training in information science.

The Department also delivers propaedeutic courses aimed at the development of digital skills and the application of information and communication technology in lessons included in different subjects.

In the area of research the Department focuses on technical didactics and didactics of information science. Focus is also on scientific development of STEM concepts and research-oriented education.